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How to design a custom certificate?
How to design a custom certificate?

Learn more about how you can use your custom design/template for your certificate in Certopus

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If you have a certificate design ready and want to use it for the certificates you issue using Certopus? Let's learn how to use an existing design for your certificates in Certopus. Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Make sure you have selected the recipient category where you want to design the certificate. In the Credential Design section, click on the first option that says Select Certificate Design.

    Select certificate design option in event
  2. Click on YOUR CUSTOM DESIGN button on the top-right corner.

    Custom design selection in Certopus
  3. You will see a blank certificate canvas in the certificate editor. Click on the Change Layout button from the menu at the bottom to configure the layout of your certificate if you want to.

    Change certificate page layout in Certopus

    Select page size and orientation.

    Set Page layout in Certopus
  4. Once you are set with the layout of the certificate, click on the Change Background button from the menu at the bottom to upload your custom design for the certificate.

    Change background option in Certopus certificate editor

    Click on the Import Images button to upload your certificate background design here.

    Import image button in change background menu

    Upload the background image in SVG/PNG/JPG format (We highly recommend SVG without any raster image embedded in it for optimum pixel-perfect results) with the aspect ratio of the page layout that you set previously. Once it is imported, select it and click on the USE AS BACKGROUND button

    Add custom certificate background

    Make sure in the design, that you have left blank spaces for variables/attributes that you will place from Certopus editor.

  5. Arrange and style variables in your design and save your design by clicking the SAVE button on the top-right corner.

    Save custom certificate design


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