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How to design a certificate using Certopus templates?
How to design a certificate using Certopus templates?

Get started with designing your certificates using templates

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If you do not have a certificate design ready and want to get it sorted within a few minutes? Then the best way is to use a template that you can customize as you like. Let's learn how to design a certificate using a template. Follow these easy steps to get started:

  1. Make sure you have selected the recipient category where you want to design the certificate. In the Credential Design section, click on the first option that says Select Certificate Design.

    Select certificate design option in event
  2. You can explore templates available in multiple layouts. You can click on any of the templates you like to open in the certificate editor so you can customize it.

    Certopus certificate template library

    Once you select any template, it will take you to the certificate editor and it will look something like this:

    Certopus certificate editor
  3. You can upload the Company logo and other visual elements by clicking on the Add Photos option on the right-hand menu.

    Add photos option

    Click on the Import Images button to upload the logo/graphic/visual element which you can put on your certificate design. It can be in SVG/PNG/JPG format (We highly recommend SVG without any raster image embedded in it for optimum pixel-perfect results).

    Import images button

    Once you upload the image, select it and click on ADD TO DESIGN button.

    Add imported images to design

    Once the image is added to the design, feel free to scale and place it wherever you like in your design.

  4. Update / Add text to your design. New text fields can be added from the Create new textfield option from the right-hand menu.
    You can change or style a text by clicking on it.

    Update text in certificate design
  5. Add any variable fields/attributes that are required to be included in your design. It can be done by clicking on Variables in the variables bar on the top.

    Add variables/attributes to a certificate

    The default variables are the ones that will be auto-filled automatically (except the Name variable) and you can also create a custom text or an image type variable field.

    Variables section in Certopus
  6. Once you are satisfied with your design, click the SAVE button on the top right to save your design.

    Save certificate design

Recommendation regarding name variable: Do not type in the recipient name in the design itself, make use of the Name variable in the design.

Certopus name variable recommendation

โ€‹Recommendation regarding variable field length: Make sure you provide maximum horizontal length to your variable fields you think can have large inputs so that it doesn't break to a new line.

Certopus variable field length recommendation
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