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What is an event?
What is an event?
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You can consider event as a group of certificates or badges issued for a similar purpose. For example, you can create an event for a workshop, a course, membership or a conference. Event hold the important data of the credentials like it's design, email template, recipient data and other configurations. It's also very flexible to use, you have have multiple recipient categories or subgroups inside an event. You can also create multiple categories or subgroups within an event, to customize the credentials for different types of recipients or manage recipient data efficiently.

One of the benefits of using events is that they are very flexible and adaptable. You can use events not just for one-time or scheduled occasions, but also for ongoing or self-paced activities. For instance, you can create an event for a course that runs throughout the year, and issue credentials to the participants whenever they complete it. You do not need to create separate events for the same course or activity, as each credential has its own issue date.

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