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How to associate our digital credentials with my LinkedIn company page?
How to associate our digital credentials with my LinkedIn company page?

Learn importance of integrating Certopus with LinkedIn and how to do it.

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Let me help you understand why you should not miss out associating your digital credentials with your LinkedIn company page. Here are the top 3 reasons:

  • Increased Marketing Exposure: Digital credentials are a great way to showcase your business’s credibility and. By linking your LinkedIn Company ID, you can increase the reach and impact of each credential share, driving more traffic to your LinkedIn page and building trust and awareness.

  • Smooth Credential Sharing for Recipients: Your recipients can share their digital credentials on LinkedIn with just a click. It makes sure the details of credentials are auto-filled and your company is automatically tagged as Issuing organization. No need to waste time searching for your company name in a long list of options.

  • Enhanced Lead Generation: By linking your credentials to your company’s page, you can make it easier for potential customers to learn more about your business and what you offer. This can create more opportunities for engagement, conversion, and growth.

Where to find my LinkedIn company ID?

  1. Access your LinkedIn company page as an admin.

  2. Observe the URL you see.

  3. The numeric string you see in the URL is your LinkedIn company ID.

Just for an example if is the link, your LinkedIn company ID is 76733867.

How to associate LinkedIn company ID with my Certopus organization?

Make sure you have signed in as an Organization admin before you perform following steps:

  1. Open your organization settings from the bottom-left corner of your dashboard.

  2. Click on EDIT button to enable edit mode and then enter your LinkedIn company ID (numeric) and click SAVE.
    Follow the previous section if you need any help finding your LinkedIn company ID.

  3. (Optional) Click on CHECK button to confirm if it has been set correctly. If it opens your LinkedIn company page, it means LinkedIn company ID has been correctly added. If not, make sure you entered correct LinkedIn company ID.

Once the LinkedIn company ID has been saved to your organization, it will automatically tag your LinkedIn company page as an issuing organization in the Add to LinkedIn option in credential pages.

If it tags Certopus as issuing organization, it is probably because you haven't saved LinkedIn company ID to your organization.

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