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How to invite members to my Organization?
How to invite members to my Organization?

Learn more about inviting members to your organization assigning roles to them

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To invite your fellow team-mates to Certopus organization so they can also have digital credentials management rights for your organization, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have are in your organization settings and in "General" tab.

  2. Make sure you have admin role to be able to invite members to your organization. Being an admin, click on "INVITE' button to be able to invite your team-mates.

    Organization configuration general tab
  3. Type in their email address where you want to send them an invite.

    Invite a member to a Certopus organization
  4. Once you click the INVITE button, your invitee will receive joining instructions on provided email address.

  5. You can also assign them role as Admin or Member.

What are Admin and Member roles?

  • ADMIN: An admin has organization-wide access and can configure all the organization settings as well as has full access (read and write) to all the events of the organization.

  • MEMBER:A member has restricted access to the organization. Members cannot configure organization settings, and they only have access to the event(s) for which they have been granted rights by the admin or the event(s) they have created themselves.

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