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What is an organization and how to create it?
What is an organization and how to create it?

Learn more about what is organization in Certopus and how to create it

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An organization is the issuer identity for the digital credentials that you issue using Certopus. It represents your company / association / brand / NGO / community / program. You can also invite other members to join your organization and manage their roles and permissions so you can co-work with your colleagues by providing them access to your organization.

How to create an organization

Once you create an account on Certopus, the first thing that you see is a popup dialog open to create an organization. You can either proceed by filling your organization's details there or if you popped out of the dialog box, this is the standard way of creating an organization on Certopus listed below:

  1. Click on the + (plus) icon on the bottom left corner of your dashboard.

    Certopus dashboard
  2. Choose Create New Organization from the menu that appears.

    Certopus new organization menu
  3. Fill in the details about your organization accurately. Make sure you enter work email in the organization email field for easy verification.

    Certopus create new organization dialog
  4. Click on the CONTINUE button and in the additional info screen, click SUBMIT to finish the process.

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